Mind, body and soul. How This Girl Can classes tackle all three!

This Girl Can Classes

Another new year, another slurry of short-lived resolutions, ‘inspirational’ fitness social posts and unrealistic body images. This Girl Can Classes are here to say you deserve more. Forget #fitspo and say hello to exercise that focuses on the fun – we know, ground-breaking! Looking for something that will nourish your mind, body and soul? Then we might have just the thing. This Girl Can Classes are the perfect way for exercise beginners (and yes, we mean absolute beginners) or those getting back into exercise after a long break to get that confidence back and get active. We’ll talk you through what goes down in our classes, the benefits of joining our This Girl Can community and why you deserve to be investing in yourself.

What are This Girl Can Classes?

Ok, let’s take it back to basics. We were so over the narrative surrounding women’s exercise that it had to be serious, gruelling and something to be endured rather than enjoyed. So, we set out to specifically create fun classes designed to be a steppingstone and confidence booster for women who are either totally new to the world of exercise, or, who are dipping their toe back into it after a break, to attend regular group exercise sessions. Our classes are 45 minutes and are a blend of a dance fitness class with some boxing exercises and yoga stretching thrown in for good measure. The idea is to give our gals the opportunity to build their confidence across a wide range of different exercises, so they feel ready to go to more group exercise sessions. 

Group exercise is the answer and here’s why...

We’re not going to sit here and tell you that exercise is good for you, because we know you know. What we will say is that research has shown that participation in regular group fitness classes leads to a statistically significant decrease in perceived stress and an increase in physical, mental and emotional quality of life when compared to exercising alone1. So, ditch the miserable runs in the rain and reignite your love for fitness in a This Girl Can Class!

If motivation is what you’re looking for then a This Girl Can Class could be exactly what you need. Research showed that those who exercised as a part of a group spent an hour or longer participating in leisure time physical activities than those who exercised alone2. Our philosophy is that exercise should be enjoyed, not endured, and should be a space for women to socialise as well as sweat!

Finally, let’s talk mental health. Research has shown that ‘social participation’ has been known to have a significant effect on depression3. And it’s no secret that endorphins are good for the soul. Our classes have been specifically designed to add the fun back into fitness and are spaces where we welcome anyone just looking for the joy of the jiggle! 

Invest in yourself, it’s worth it...

Back at the beginning of our This Girl Can revolution we carried out some research to discover why the number of women getting active was persistently lower than the number of men. From that we learnt that women face various barriers that are holding them back from participating in exercise. One of these was priorities – many women don’t feel that they are allowed to prioritise exercise and see things such as work, family and friends as more important. When you come to one of our classes, we ask that for those 45 minutes it’s all about you – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

Forget resolutions. Join the revolution!

We are committed to showing women that in just 45 minutes they can do something good for their minds, bodies and souls at our classes. If you’re curious to find out more about what actually goes down in a This Girl Can Class, then check out what to expect.