Meet our This Girl Can Classes instructor, Jasmine.

Started your fitness journey in January and don’t know how to keep going? Or maybe you’re yet to kickstart your routine? The best way to ensure a consistent workout pattern is by choosing a form of exercise you enjoy and look forward to every week. If for you, ‘enjoy’ and ‘exercise’ don’t usually appear in the same sentence, it’s because you haven’t tried This Girl Can Classes yet. We offer a sustainable route to group exercise with classes that that are actually designed with beginners in mind. Classes where getting it wrong is totally alright. A collective of like-minded women, where everyone is welcome and where we help participants to relieve stress, build confidence and connect with others in an environment they feel comfortable in.

Need more info to take the plunge? We’ve got you. We sat down with one of our brilliant instructors, Jasmine, to talk about the success of her This Girl Can Classes. Read on to find out more about her story…

Why did you choose This Girl Can Classes?

I noticed that in the local area there was a lack of classes that were targeted at people who were new to exercise or who weren’t very confident in group exercise. I’ve also got a lot of family and friends who I know have just completely avoided exercise classes because of this. So, I saw the advertisement and I thought “this is something I’d really like to be part of”. I wanted to help the local community and give people a confidence boost and a way into group exercise classes.

What motivated you to be a part of the This Girl Can movement?

I think one part of it was just the huge variety of the class, the ways it targets beginners and those returning to exercise. There’s definitely no pressure within the class and I remember thinking that it was something I’d never seen before, something so specifically aimed at just giving it a go and having fun. Ultimately, it gives women confidence to the return week in and week out and it proves that the marketing behind the campaign and how the classes are designed really does work.

As an instructor, was there anything you were worried about when setting up your class?

I think an initial worry I had was being strong in all of the exercise styles. I was fine with the dance fitness because I’m a Zumba instructor, the box fitness I was also pretty confident with, but I struggled initially with the yoga-inspired stretch. I was afraid of not getting things exactly right. But it’s important to keep in mind that the class is designed for those returning to exercise and those returning after a break so it’s good for you to show the women in your class that you have doubts and weaknesses too, and that the aim is enjoyment, not perfection. It’s nothing too challenging anyway and after a couple of sessions I felt absolutely fine.

What kind of impact has the class had on your participants?

I’ve been really overwhelmed by the response from people, and it’s been brilliant to just get people having a go at exercise, I’ve had all kinds of people try it out, from different age groups, and walks of life. New mums who are easing their way back into exercise, elderly women and even people with disabilities and restrictions have continued to show up each week. It’s really opened doors for a lot of people.

We absolutely loved chatting with Jasmine and hearing all about the positive impact of the classes on her community. It’s fabulous instructors like Jasmine that make This Girl Can Classes what it is. Still not convinced? If you missed our first interview with Tara, you can find it here! If you’re ready to conquer the world of group exercise with us, like we know you can, find a class near you and join the movement.

If Jasmine’s story inspired you, why not become and instructor? Head here to find out how.