The Best Workout: are classes the key to enjoying exercise? 

Exercise should be enjoyed, not endured. Groundbreaking right? It shouldn’t be but sadly for too long the narrative surrounding exercise has been that it is something to just get through, something that won’t be fun but needs to be done. At This Girl Can we’re sick of this narrative, so we created our This Girl Can Classes to flip the script. Imagine a fun fitness class where getting the moves wrong is totally alright. If you’re looking to discover the joys of group exercise this year, then look no further. We’ll explain the benefits of getting sweaty with a bunch of women over lonely lunges in the park, highlight why enjoying exercise could be the key to consistency and how This Girl Can Classes could be your best new year resolution yet. 

Exercise should be enjoyed, not endured… 

We have found that 75% of women want to be more active but are held back by a fear of judgement and total lack of confidence in their own ability. There is also such a negative, no-pain-no-gain narrative surrounding exercise which can mean that gym classes feel totally inaccessible for complete beginners. We’re here to flip that narrative on its head and create a safe space for women to come and give it their worst. We focus on the fun, in all its sweaty, jiggly glory.  

Ok, so what’s the big deal about classes? 

It’s January. Motivation is probably low, stress high and you’re looking to add a little spice into your workout routine. Sound like you? Well, classes could be the way to go. Forget lonely laps around the local park, joining a community like This Girl Can Classes has been seen to vastly improve motivation levels and commitment too. Research into the health benefits of group exercise has also shown a potential decrease in stress levels, as well as the likelihood of suffering from things such as depression. So, if you’re looking to capitalise on those endorphins, secure yourself a new support system of women just like you and actually enjoy exercise again then make sure you find your nearest class now.  

So, tell me about This Girl Can Classes then. 

Clearly, you’ve been living under a rock, but we’ll give you the This Girl Can Classes lowdown anyway. Our classes have been specifically designed with beginners in mind (no seriously they have) and aim to give women a safe space to come and do their worst. The classes are a mix of everything from boxing moves, dance fitness and with a little bit of yoga thrown in for good measure. We want to give women the confidence to go on and try more classes, give them the best workout that has been tailored to their needs and break down the barriers they face to getting into exercise.   

Forget resolutions. Join the revolution!  

We are committed to showing women that in just 45 minutes they can do something fun that gets them moving and actually enjoying exercise. If you’re curious to find out more about what actually goes down in a This Girl Can Class, then check out what to expect.