Our hips don’t lie and neither do we. Why a dance workout is the perfect way to step into spring.

Let’s face it, we all love a boogie. Whether it’s a Saturday night on the town or in the kitchen to the nostalgic beat of some old school bangers, there’s something about moving your body to music that brings so much joy. Not to mention, there are countless benefits to dance workouts. At This Girl Can Classes, we LOVE dance fitness. In our classes you can expect a 10/10 playlist (if we do say so ourselves) and a load of easy-to-follow routines for you to try, but as long as you’re moving, the right steps don’t matter. If you’re new here you might not already know, we don’t judge two left feet… We celebrate them. Other than the exquisite vibes, let’s talk about why dancing is the perfect way to switch up your spring fitness routine.

Stress? I don’t know her

Before you roll your eyes – we know that when you’re stressed, fitting in a dance workout is the last thing on your mind. But have you ever considered that a mini boogie session might just be the stressbuster you’ve been craving? Dance fitness is a great way to switch off from the everyday drama and escape stressful thought patterns that may be holding you back. Just think about all those pop-powered endorphins showing stress and anxiety the door.

Groove is in the heart

We all know regular cardio is important, but if you find the thought of a jog on the treadmill extremely unappealing (join the club), dance fitness is a fabulous alternative. That means you can bust some moves to your favourites songs and complete a heart-pumping cardio workout at the same time? Women really can do it all.  

Head to toe fitness

Our choreography is designed to be super simple, but even remembering basic moves is a great way to train your brain and keep your mind sharp. Our bodies are so important, but we tend to neglect the brain. In a dance workout, you’ve got everything covered!

What a feeling!

Our end goal is health and happiness for all women, everywhere. A dance fitness workout is a small step towards a sustainable and rewarding fitness routine – where your workouts don’t feel like workouts. Where a gossip with your mates and boogie can make you feel on top of the world and you can go home knowing that you prioritised yourself, because you deserve it. Your body and mind will thank you!

If you already love our classes don’t forget to book your next class for the week! You can find your nearest class and availability here. If you’re curious and looking for a new women’s exercise group, head here for more on what to expect from your first class. We can’t wait to see you soon!