Tackling the Enjoyment Gap one class at a time! 

This Girl Can have already got 2.9 million women moving, inspiring a force of females up and down the country to head to a This Girl Can Class and get moving in all their sweaty, jiggly glory. This Girl Can came about following research into why fewer women are persistently less active than men, despite 75% of women saying they want to do more sport or exercise classes. Here at This Girl Can Classes our whole philosophy is based on tackling this enjoyment gap once and for all. How? We are here to tackle taboos by showing everyday women with relatable bodies giving judgement the finger and moving however they damn well please, in a bid to inspire women everywhere to give group exercise classes a go.  

The Enjoyment Gap is real 

The whole ethos of This Girl Can Classes was based on helping women to tackle various barriers they face when it comes to exercise classes. From fear of judgement, to worry about fitness levels, the struggle to squeeze exercise in at all and the subsequent guilt if and when they do – it’s clear to see the cause of this gap. 

What’s more, things haven’t exactly got easier. Research has shown that the pandemic and the current cost-of-living crisis have only exacerbated the problem. With less to spend on weekly budgets and less time to spend on themselves, activity levels have fallen again and show little sign of recovery. Research from This Girl Can has shown that 2.4 million more men than women strongly agree that they enjoy sport and physical activity. That’s 2.4 million women missing out on the opportunity to relieve stress, build connections and improve self-esteem.  

How are This Girl Can Classes helping to close the gap? 

Ok, so what’s the solution then? This Girl Can identified four action areas that can help to close this gap for women. Now we’re on a mission to be part of the solution!  

  1. Social 

Over half of women (51%)1 say they enjoy the social side of activity, and we like to think of our classes as the perfect excuse to catch up with friends old and new with a well-earned workout on the side. Forget high-pressure classes where you can hardly breathe, let alone chat. Go at your own pace in our classes and enjoy the community vibe.  

  1. Suitable 

This Girl Can Classes are specifically designed with beginners in mind, for those who are new to exercise and those dusting off their trainers after an extended break. We know that 31% and 28% of women respectively say that not having enough time, or having other commitments, makes it difficult for them to increase the amount of physical activity and exercise they do. Whether it’s work or family life, often women don’t feel they can prioritise themselves. We want to encourage women to come along and just enjoy the next 45-minutes totally for themselves.  

  1. Self-affirming 

Our classes are a safe, judgement-free zone where we welcome women of all ages and backgrounds to come do their worst. Lacking in confidence? You’re not alone. 42% of women told us that they worry about being judged while exercising and 41% of women worry about not being fit enough in relation to being active.  Our ladies fitness classes have been created to boost endorphins, boost confidence and get you moving in a supportive and fun environment.  

  1. Safe 

A fifth of women are concerned about their safety while exercising. By creating a space where women feel not only physically but emotionally safe, we can ease the roadblocks to activity even more. From community centres to gyms, find your nearest class here.   

So, that’s everything you need to know on the enjoyment gap and how it kickstarted the whole This Girl Can Classes movement. If you’re keen to come to a class but you’re not sure what to expect, read our blog: What to Expect at This Girl Can Classes.  


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