This Girl Can Classes: here for a good time and a long time.

Happy International Women’s Day to all you lovely ladies around the globe. We’ve come a VERY long way and although there’s still work to be done, we think it’s pretty clear that when we all come together (men included), we are unstoppable. There’s something about an entire day dedicated to celebrating women and their achievements, calling for positive change and raising awareness for women’s equality that makes it impossible to keep quiet. Today might be all about celebrating the wonderful women in our lives, but we’ll still be here working in the background, empowering our wonderful community of women today, tomorrow and every damn day after that.

A movement not a moment

We’re all about giving more women the opportunity to be active every week. Helping them to build their confidence and feel happier and healthier. Encouraging them to stop seeing boundaries and start seeing opportunities. Empowered women empower women, and we’re determined to keep this cycle going, spread the word, and get the nation involved in our mission to change the face of fitness.

Closing the fitness gap, one boogie at a time.

You deserve to feel good; your body deserves to move, and your health deserves to be a priority. You. Deserve. It.

A frequent fitness routine is so important. There is overwhelming evidence to suggest that a regular exercise routine is the (not so) secret to living a healthy, active life well into old age. Regular physical activity can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes and cancer, and it can lower the risk of early death by up to 30%. Not to mention the amazing impact it can have on your mental health, reducing the risk of stress and even clinical depression.* Group exercise offers many social benefits too, our classes offer women a space to have fun together and take time for themselves – how powerful is that? Taking on the world of fitness together and smashing it.

But it’s so easy to take our health for granted and neglect our physical wellbeing. It’s time to give guilt the finger and make yourself a priority. Why do we feel like we can’t take up more space in the fitness world?

Every woman will have a different answer to this question, we all have our own responsibilities, inner battles, and doubts that get in the way, but we all have something in common too. We’re strong and powerful beings with unlimited potential and the right to enjoy exercise. After all, enjoying exercise is what makes it sustainable, an activity you can look forward to every week instead of task you can’t wait to tick off. We offer a sustainable route to exercise, we focus on building healthy habits with a community of cheerleaders that don’t just understand you, but celebrate you too.

We explored the women’s fitness gap with some Sport England stats in our last blog, if you haven’t read it yet you can find it here.

Feeling inspired? This Girl Can Classes are here for you all year, and women of the nation, we’ve got your back. Bite-sized and confidence building, our classes are an easy first step into the world of group exercise. Celebrate women everywhere and find a class near you today.