Gym wear – Ditch the dress code

At This Girl Can Classes, we care about a lot – women’s health and fitness, supporting our community, bringing joy to women across the country (to name a few). One thing we don’t care about is what you’re wearing. Our mantra? Come as you are. We’ve ditched the dress code – whether you come in an old T-shirt or full lycra, as long as you’re comfortable, you can come join the fun! In fact, your workout clothes are probably the least interesting thing about you, so why let it stop you from trying out a fun fitness class?


We get it though, it’s not easy to ignore the sea of matching gym co-ords from the latest brands on almost every fitness page. There are so many factors that affect women’s confidence when it comes to fitness classes, but your outfit choice should NOT be one of them. Check out this article from the Stylist about kit anxiety to learn more about this topic. There’s even a cheeky shout out to our friends at This Girl Can.


Your clothes should either boost your confidence or make no difference at all, so make sure you’re wearing something that makes you feel at ease, whether it be a bright neon co-ord or a creased baggy t-shirt. We’re here to remind you that there’s no ‘right outfit’ to wear when you’re working out, especially in a fitness class. It’s all about what makes you feel comfortable, whatever’s in your wardrobe will do the trick. There are of course lots of options if you feel like treating yourself to some new gym gear (we will always support a self-care purchase), or even if you’re digging out some outfits from your own wardrobe. Here are some tips from the anti-fashion police (us).

  • Work with what you’ve got – sports bra from 2009? If it ain’t broke… Scan your wardrobe for some essentials, like a supportive bra or any clothes you don’t mind getting sweaty in like your fave pair of joggers.
  • Comfort is key – we can’t bang this drum hard enough. If you’re comfortable and happy, that’s the best look you can wear. If you’re a lover of leggings and crop tops, so are we. If you prefer to jiggle in joggers, we love that too. If you feel good, you look good, so the ball really is in your court!
  • A splash of colour if you fancy – okay so this one is completely optional but highly recommended. We’re big fans of purple over here at This Girl Can Classes if you hadn’t noticed, but all colours are welcome in our classes. Don’t get us wrong, we love a chic all black look too.

In summary, we’re all about whatever makes you feel good. If you haven’t tried a class yet you can find a class near you or find out more about what to expect. If the thought of a fitness class still makes you feel a bit overwhelmed, we hope that this blog brings you one baggy t-shirt closer to your next fun fitness class!