How This Girl Can Classes can help you relieve stress and show fear the finger!

It’s fair to say that modern life is stressful. Juggling work, kids, friends and trying your best to squeeze in time for yourself means life can get on top of you without you even really noticing. Stress can lead to numerous health problems, both mental and physical. As April is Stress Awareness Month, we thought we’d highlight how beneficial exercise, and more specifically group exercise, can be for combatting stress. So, if your usual stressbusters are getting a little tired and you fancy trying out a fun fitness class, why not try This Girl Can Classes?


Ok, so how exactly does exercise help to reduce stress? Exercise and physical activity reduce the levels of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, which act as a natural painkiller and are mood elevators.

From a more emotive point of view, exercise can be a great mind-clearer. We’ve all been there – you’re worrying about something, and your sleep is seriously suffering, which only makes you feel more stressed. Carving out some time for physical activity can help keep your mind busy on something else and will greatly improve your sleep quality.  


Look, we all know that exercise is good for us. We’re not going to sit here and lecture you on the many benefits of it. But did you know just how good class exercise is for both your physical and mental health?

Exercise classes can be motivating, fun and social. If exercising alone has been a challenge, you’ve seriously struggled with motivation or you don’t dare step foot in a gym, then group exercise could be the answer. Studies have shown that exercising as part of a group improves consistency, duration and motivation1.

In a study by the University of New England on the stress levels of medical students, they found that participation in regular group fitness classes led to a statistically significant decrease in perceived stress and an increase in physical, mental and emotional quality of life when compared with exercising regularly alone2.


If you’re feeling the stress this month and your usual stressbusting activities aren’t quite doing it, then why not come and try out a This Girl Can Classes session? If you’re a beginner to exercise or coming back to it after a break – don’t worry! Our This Girl Can Classes are specifically designed with you in mind. We believe that exercise should be enjoyed not endured so our classes are a little bit of everything with a dollop of wrong moves and laughter thrown in. There’s no pressure to sign up to a complicated membership, so come and try it out as a one off – no strings attached!   

Find a class near you or find out more about what to expect. If the thought of group exercise terrifies you – just remember that we’re all *actually* beginners here and getting it wrong is totally alright!