Handy hints on how to give negative thoughts the finger if you’re considering This Girl Can Classes.

When starting or getting back into fitness classes, it’s only natural for self-doubt to creep in. It happens to the best of us, because unfortunately, we really are our own worst critics. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to focus on one reason you feel like you shouldn’t do something, instead of all the reasons why you should. But have no fear, we’re all in this together and at This Girl Can Classes, you’ll be surrounded by positive female energy. Soon enough, you’ll be too busy having a boogie to think about anything else. Until then, here are three negative thoughts you might be having and how to challenge them. Come on, you’ve got this! 

  1. What if I can’t keep up?  

At This Girl Can Classes, if you’re moving, that’s all that matters. Showing up is the first step, and it’s usually the hardest part! Fitness is a journey, and we all start somewhere. Worried about getting the moves wrong? Don’t be, there’s no right way to move. We’re proud to offer a judgement-free fitness class for beginners and those who’ve taken a break from exercise. Don’t know your burpees from your bicep curls? Don’t worry – in these classes getting it wrong is totally alright. At This Girl Can Classes you set your own pace in a supportive, beginner-friendly environment. We’ve got you – you’ll find no complicated moves here.  

  1. But I don’t have anyone to go with! 

It can be daunting showing up to a new place by yourself, but we’ve created an environment where women can build their confidence, connect with others and feel like they belong. Many of our participants fly solo for their first group exercise class and end up making friends along the way. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to your weekly gossip with a dose of dance. Our fun fitness classes are the perfect excuse to catch up with friends old and new while getting in a well-earned workout. 

  1. I have nothing to wear! 

We don’t care, your fellow attendees definitely won’t care, and neither should you! We encourage you to come as you are, that’s why we’ve ditched the dress code. Whether you come in a baggy T-shirt or a colour co-ordinated gym set, as long as you’re comfortable, you’re ready to get stuck in. Trust us, the fashion police are not on the guestlist! 

We really hope this helps to reframe some doubts and change your perspective on group exercise. Of course, we’d love you to join us for your first fitness class, but if you’d prefer to find out more about what to expect, head here. If you’re ready (which we hope you are!) book your nearest class here