Heads up! Time to shout about the mental health benefits of group exercise

It’s no secret that mental health is front of mind for a lot of us – it has been for some time, and not only because of Mental Health Awareness Week. More of us say we are ‘struggling’ with our mental health and more than a fifth of UK adults report being in emotional distress[1]. ‘What does this have to do with group exercise?’, we hear you ask – read on to find out more…

Don’t go it alone!

Getting together in a group and busting a sweat has been found to seriously reduce feelings of stress. In fact, according to a study, exercising with likeminded others can lower stress by an average of 26% compared to those who exercise alone – these solo exercisers experienced no significant changes in stress levels[2]. Another study looked at the link between physical exercise and mental health in 1.2 million individuals – the researchers found that all exercise in groups was associated with a lower mental health burden!

And we’re here to tell you that group exercise classes are not all the same. At This Girl Can Classes, we’re more about a banging playlist than loud music. More about moving how you like than complicated routines. More about encouragement than pressure. We know too that the social side of exercise is something many women are really looking for[3], and it’s that sense of community and focus on fun that can help battle feelings of loneliness – plus, some research suggests that working out in a group can even lead to a more productive workout[4]! What’s not to love!

So come and find your tribe. If you fancy a taster of what to expect, head to our Facebook and Instagram, where this Mental Health Awareness Week we’re highlighting some of these mental health benefits. We’re passing our participants and instructors the mic to find out how you really feel about This Girl Can Classes and group exercise, and shining a spotlight on just how the classes have helped with mental wellbeing, stress, confidence and more. When you’re ready to take the next step, we’ll be waiting for you with some irresistible tunes, good vibes only and open arms. Head here to find a class near you


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