Moves like Rocky – Box-fit for Beginners

This Girl Can Classes

At This Girl Can Classes, it probably goes without saying that we love a good boogie, but we’ve got to admit, a sweaty box-fit session is definitely up there with one of the most fun fitness classes. If you’ve never delved into the world of Boxercise, our classes are a great way to start, and don’t panic – it’s non-contact, we’re strictly good vibes only. Our boxing-style block really packs a punch! You won’t need to be a pro boxer to benefit from this work out. Hitting a variety of muscle groups, your legs, arms, chest, shoulders and back will feel the burn, but we’re sure that you’ll love (almost) every second!

All you need to know

Box fit or Boxercise is a type of exercise inspired by moves boxers typically use to keep fit. In a box fit session, you can expect a sequence of simple moves that keep your heart rate up and, of course, a banging playlist because after all, we’re This Girl Can Classes. You’ll finish your workout feeling, strong, powerful, and very sweaty – just like Nicola Adams after the World Championships!

Smash your next workout!

A few quick boxing moves can go a long way. Not only is box fitness a great way to get in some cardio, it’s also the perfect way to end a stressful day, or even prepare for one. It won’t solve all your problems but let’s not underestimate the power of a killer right hook when you need to relieve some tension (again, just a reminder that this is a non-contact exercise!).

Half of the battle when it comes to starting your fitness journey is finding activities that you enjoy, that’s why trying new exercise styles like box-fit in short sessions, could be the key to finding something you love and sticking to it. If you need something a bit more exciting than a treadmill to motivate you, Boxercise classes might change your perspective on cardio-focussed workouts and keep you coming back for more.

Our classes are 100% beginner friendly, so come as you are and enjoy it. We’re here to build your confidence and fitness levels, whilst having fun! You might be a bit nervous, but we’re all in this together. Remember, you can stop for a break at any point – even Rocky needed the occasional breather.

What are you waiting for? Put ‘em up and find a class near you here!