The Magic of an 11-minute March

Lace up those trainers… It’s National Walking Month, ladies! What better excuse to get your steps in however and whenever you can. It’s also a great opportunity to consider the many health and wellbeing benefits of not only walking, but generally keeping active and getting outdoors. It really is one of the best workouts that doesn’t even feel like a workout.  Experts say that with just an 11-minute march, you can increase your mental alertness, energy and boost your mood![1] Let’s get into the details…

Baby steps

Just one brisk 11-minute walk everyday equates to 77 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week. This is just over half of the weekly 150 minutes recommended by the NHS[2]. That’s half of your recommended weekly activity done, taking the pressure off your busy schedule, and giving you more time to focus on your other priorities. Plus, it can be as simple as walking to work, doing the school run or even strutting home after a fabulous This Girl Can Classes session (but we might be a bit biased). We understand it’s not always easy, and here in the UK the weather doesn’t always play ball, but any opportunity to move a bit more is one worth taking. You could even hop off the bus at an earlier stop, park a little further away from the office, switch the lift for the stairs… There’s always something we can squeeze in!

Strut out of a rut

A big motivator for us will always be our mental health. After all, it can often be neglected and in need of some TLC. A good stroll can work wonders for your mental wellbeing, it can help re-energise your brain, calm adrenaline levels and create a sense of clarity[3]. Have you ever wondered why going for a walk helps clear your mind? Sometimes a stroll is all you need to problem solve and gain a new perspective on things. Exercising the mind can sometimes be the best workout!

Health is wealth

The physical benefits of a daily walk almost go without saying, but studies have found that walking can have an even bigger impact on your physical wellbeing than anticipated. Researchers found that getting in 75 minutes a week of moderate intensity activity lowered the risk of early death by 23%. It was also found to be enough to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 17% and cancer by 7%[4]. It’s amazing what you can do for your body in just 11 minutes a day!

Here at This Girl Can Classes, we embrace all types of workouts, anything that gets your heart racing and body moving, but we really love quick and effective ways to get active throughout the day – and that’s why a 11-minute wander is a gamechanger! Treat your body and mind to a walk today, and if you fancy, pop into your nearest class on the way!