Wanna dance? The health benefits of a boogie.

Whether you consider yourself the next Ginger Rogers (or for the younger readers JLo) or you’re the proud owner of two left feet, a dance inspired workout is always a good idea. At This Girl Can Classes we welcome all the hot-steppers, or not-steppers, with open arms – who cares if you miss a beat!  

How ‘hot stepping’ is good for your health. 

Dance fitness classes improve balance, strength and cardiovascular health. But perhaps more importantly they’re great for the soul. Is there anything better than putting on a banging playlist and throwing yourself around with zero cares in the world? It’s also been proven by some studies that busting a move can maintain and even boost your ability to think as you age. According to some research, scientists have found that the areas of the brain that control memory and skills, such as planning and organising actually improve with dance1!  

The great thing about dancing is that it’s enjoyable cardio – yes that does exist! At This Girl Can Classes we advocate for exercise to be enjoyed, not endured, so we incorporate a healthy dose of dance-inspired fitness into our classes. If you’re looking for an alternative to an intimidating Zumba class then come and find a class near you! 

Let loose and let go! 

Let’s not forget about the mood-boosting qualities of a good old boogie. Whether you’re in step or not, indulging in getting down on the gym floor is sure to get those endorphins pumping and give your mental health a much-needed boost. Dance-inspired fitness classes could also reduce your stress levels and boost your self-esteem. What’s more, we’re all in it together and there’s nothing more enjoyable than a group of (sweaty) women moving in (or out) of time to the beat! Remember This Girl Can Classes are designed with absolute beginners in mind so don’t worry if you miss a move – just keep going.  

We hope this blog has given you a better idea of what you can expect at This Girl Can Classes – and just remember that dance fitness is all about moving to the beat of our fab playlist. All our moves are easy-to-follow, no complex routines and no pressure to get the moves right! If you want more information about what to expect then read more here!