All bodies are summer bodies

Unfortunately, as summer approaches we often get inundated with some frankly worrying language and unrealistic expectations – but we’re here to tell you to pay them zero attention. If you’re stressing about having a ‘summer body’ then please take this as a sign to stop! You have a body. It’s summer. You have a summer body. It’s really as simple as that. At This Girl Can Classes we don’t buy into this seasonal narrative – our aim is to create a sustainable route into regular exercise for women who are either new to it, or who are returning after a long break. No matter the season, or the body!

The aim of a This Girl Can Classes workout? To boost your confidence in a safe and judgement-free environment while serving up killer classes, banging playlists and moves that are designed to make you feel good from summer and beyond!


Remember that bodies are for life, not just for summer and you’re perfect just the way you are! Allow us reframe things for you. Summer is sunny walks, BBQ dinners, long evenings with friends and lots more. Try and shift the narrative and focus on all the amazing plans you have.

Give your vitamin D and endorphins a boost by getting outside. Why not take your workout outdoors? Booked a This Girl Can Classes session? Ditch the stuffy bus and enjoy a wander in the fresh air. In this country it can feel like we rarely get good weather, so make the most of it while it lasts! Spending time in nature has been proven to improve your mood, reduce stress levels, improve your confidence, and improve your overall physical health*.

No matter the season, it’s always a good time to try something new! If you’re a bit lost in the world of women’s fitness, new to exercise or returning after a long break then our This Girl Can Classes are for you. Designed with you in mind, our classes are a judgement-free zone, full of sweaty pits and laughing fits! Our aim is to give you the confidence and base knowledge to go on to regular exercise. The notion of ‘summer bodies’ isn’t helpful, sustainable or supportive – but you can bet that our route to exercise is!

In conclusion, ‘summer bodies’ just aren’t a thing, so don’t let those problematic ideas get you down! If you’re looking for a confidence boost, an excuse to get moving however you damn well please and a way to meet some new friends then why not find out where your nearest This Girl Can Classes session is and come and give it a go!