World Wellbeing Week – Make yourself a priority

It’s almost World Wellbeing Week (as it should be every single week!), and we do love any excuse to focus on our mental and physical wellbeing by doing anything and everything that makes us feel GOOD! A little bit of background; World Wellbeing Week returns this month for its fifth year to celebrate the many wonderful but often neglected aspects of wellbeing, from social resilience to caring for our beautiful planet. In a world where there’s so much going on all the time, there’s a lot we need to look after, but let’s start with you…

It’s all about you

This week is a whole week dedicated to spreading awareness of and encouraging activities that promote wellbeing in our lives. It’s a time to reflect on our physical, mental, and emotional health and find ways to nurture ourselves. And guess what? We may be a bit biased, but group exercise might just be one of the most convenient (and fabulous) ways to do just that!

The beauty of exercise is that it can be whatever you want it to be. It’s about finding different exercises that make you feel good, both physically and mentally. That’s where we come in, your This Girl Can Classes cheerleaders. Your fellow participants and our brilliant army of instructors are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your workout – which can bring physical, social, emotional, mental benefits that can do absolute wonders for your wellbeing, whatever that looks like for you!

Look who’s dancing now…

Group exercise classes (especially those with a boogie focus) have countless benefits that go beyond just physical fitness. They can boost our mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and help us sleep better – all key players in the all-important wellbeing journey. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to connect with others and have a lot of fun!

We know starting an exercise routine can feel a bit daunting. We often set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, thinking we need to run marathons or lift heavy weights from day one. But there’s beauty in being a beginner – you just need to embrace it! Start small and build from there, you’re on an amazing journey and you’re doing it for you.

So, join us and start your wellbeing journey with This Girl Can Classes. There’s literally no better time to do it! If we’ve piqued your interest, head here and book a class today!