Maximizing New Year’s resolutions: 4 tips on how to motivate women to join and stay in This Girl Can Classes 

Explore four effective strategies for maintaining participant enthusiasm and ensuring continued attendance in your This Girl Can Classes throughout January, from our This Girl Can Classes instructor, Jasmine Bannister.

New Year’s Resolutions. Three words that are a very common occurrence towards the end of a year. Do you love them or hate them? Personally, I love a New Year’s resolution and I get a strange thrill out of buying a new diary for the following year. In fact, I bought my 2024 one the other day and couldn’t believe how excited I was to start adding in plans for the coming year! I also like to write a list of ‘aims’ for the  year which I can tick off as I go through. However, I do understand that some people dread those three words and would much prefer to continue to enjoy the festive season. 

Let’s face it though, come January 1st the only chocolates left in the Celebrations tin are the Bountys (well, in my house…) and a lot of us are raring to go and get active after a couple of weeks of sitting on the sofa and indulging. As instructors, this means that January is a super month to gain new clients, motivate current ones and even bring back old ones! So, how can we motivate our women in our communities to join This Girl Can Classes and to keep coming to them?  

Build excitement on social media  

Facebook has been a huge tool of mine to build my This Girl Can Classes community and to gain and retain members. I find that posting photos of your current classes (if you are doing them) interests the public and allows them to see that a real variety of women come to classes. Make sure to add captions from the This Girl Can marketing toolkit!  

Build a community 

A huge reason that women will come to your classes will be to socialise and make friends. I am so proud when I look around the hall on a Monday to see the women chatting away so make sure you make this a part of the class. Give them time before and after the class to chat and if you are welcoming a new person, make sure to speak to them or introduce them to a current friendly attendee. Do you have time to organise a Christmas social? This could be a great way to get your members to socialise and make new connections. I am holding my first Christmas social this year with 16 of my fitness ladies and I was blown away by the quick responses!  

Create some initiatives or class deals 

Whether this be a loyalty card, a prize for attending all classes in January or a different type of reward system, this can be a great way to retain customers. I currently use a loyalty card:if my members attend nine classes, they get the 10th free. They love getting their card stamped at the beginning of class! January could also be a time to create a deal for attending multiple classes or a special ‘January’ deal.  

Be yourself and be honest! 

To conclude, one of my best pieces of advice to give to you is just be yourself! Don’t just make your social media all about fitness – you can share personal bits if you want to. My members love hearing about my little family and my second job and love a photo of what I have been up to! Be REAL. In my classes, I will openly say things like ‘wow, I’m sweating, are you?’. A bit of humour and light-heartedness goes a long way and this way women will be more likely to return to your classes than be put off. 

Finally, good luck with your classes in January and remember to have a bit of a break over Christmas, we all deserve that!  

Jasmine Bannister, This Girl Can Classes Instructor

Hi there! My name is Jasmine Bannister and I teach This Girl Can Classes in Countesthorpe, Leicester. Becoming a This Girl Can instructor has been one of the best decisions I have made for my community classes, and I am so glad that I chose to do so back in January 2021. I currently have two careers – I am a primary school teacher parttime and a fitness instructor at Jasmine Louise Dance & Fitness. I hold a Level 2 in Group Exercise to Music and Level 3 in Pre & Postnatal Exercise & Nutrition. I am also a first-time mum to a beautiful daughter, who I had in April. In the community, I teach This Girl Can Classes, Legs, Bums & Tums and Zumba classes and I am just about to start a postnatal fitness class for mums (just like me!). I love the way This Girl Can Classes bring women together and have a non-judgmental value, I have met hundreds of women over the last couple of years through this class and there is now something so special about coming together every Monday evening!  Find me on Instagram, or Facebook or send me an e-mail to . Are you ready to book your class? Click here