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EveryBody Can Move

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This Girl Can Classes New Choreography FAQs
1) I usually teach face-to-face but would like to teach my This Girl Can Classes online too. Is this possible? 

We are talking to Sport England about the delivery of This Girl Can Classes online. We will keep you updated on this and send further information as soon as it is available. For now, we ask that you focus on launching the class face to face. You are not permitted to deliver, post or share This Girl Can Classes content online, either in a live or in a pre-recorded format. This includes via platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Zoom. 

2) On the Pure Energy website it says the playlist can be used online. Why does it say this when we can't deliver the class online? 

Your EveryBody Can Move playlist contains licence free music, which can be played online without being muted or taken down, but the current This Girl Can Classes licence agreement does not permit online delivery of the class. 

3) Will I still be able to access the previous version of the choreography and music?

Absolutely! The previous choreography and music will still be available to you until Friday 31st March 2023. After this, all the original training videos, choreography notes and music will no longer be available. If you wish to continue using this material, please ensure you’ve downloaded your resources before the end of March 2023. Please note that training videos are not downloadable.

4) Is it possible to mix and match different choreographic releases?

Yes. As a This Girl Can Classes instructor, you’re able to mix and match between all the choreography you have been given access too. Please note that if you are using choreographic releases 1, or 2 then you will need a PPL licence.

5) How do I access my new choreography notes and training videos?

Once you’ve logged in to your EMD UK portal please click ‘My Resources’ in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Here you’ll find all your choreography notes. Included within these notes are links to your training videos.

6) How do I access my new music?

Your new This Girl Can Classes music can be accessed via fitness music provider Pure Energy. Please follow this link , search for the EveryBody Can Move playlist and add to your basket.

Once you’ve completed the checkout process, the playlist will be available to download from your account on the website and transferred to your preferred device if required. The music is licence free so can be played anywhere.

Pure Energy have a free app called PE Play. All items purchased from the website will also show here. Download the app on iOS or Android.

*Please note that Pure Energy also have an app call Pure Energy Go. This is their membership subscription service and not the right app for this playlist.

7) Do I need to have a Pure Energy account?

If you do not already have a Pure Energy account, you will be asked to create one when you reach the checkout.

8) Can I adapt the choreography to best suit my This Girl Can Class participants?

You know your class participants better than anyone so if you need to adapt any choreography then please feel free. Our Yoga-Inspired stretch videos include seated alternatives and all choreography notes detail example adaptions that you can incorporate into your classes if you wish.