What are this girl Can Classes?

"A totally empowering day!"
Kelly Pauling
Kelly Pauling
Luton course

Inspire women to get active

With This Girl Can Classes

This Girl Can, found that 75% of women wanted to be more physically active but the largest unifying barrier for women is the fear of judgement. We want your help to change that in your leisure centre! 

Where getting it wrong is totally alright

This Girl Can Classes empower less active women to try group exercise styles in a supportive, non-judgemental environment. We believe that anyone can enjoy group exercise and we want everyone to feel they have a place in leisure centres. 

What makes This Girl Can Classes different?

This Girl Can Classes provide an introduction to five different styles of exercise including dance fitness, box fitness, and yoga-inspired stretch. You’ll help build your participant’s confidence to try each style and find something that they enjoy.

If you want to create a class where getting it wrong is totally alright, we want to support you! 

This Girl Can CLAsses training

Training consists of 2-3 hours of online learning and one face-to-face practical day with assessment

Access to notes, manual, music, choreography and instructor videos

Regular releases of new choreography

Instructors will receive 10 CPD points after passing

This Girl Can Classes instructors have...

A passion to inspire more women to try group exercise

A Level 2 qualification in Exercise to Music/Group Training to Music, or accepted equivalent

An ability to create a supportive, non-judgemental, welcoming class environment

Experience in at least two of the following - yoga/Pilates, HITT, dance fitness, box fitness

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